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We are committed to your safety and that of all our passengers, so it is essential to comply with these restrictions, it is essential to take them into account to avoid setbacks at the airport security control and ensure that your flight is as smooth as possible.

Restricted items in carry-on baggage


Spherical pellet weapons

Toy firearms

Harpoons and spears



Paralyzing or electroshock devices

Lighters that imitate firearms

Firearm Parts

Compressed air guns, long guns and pellet guns

Industrial bolt and nail guns

Flare guns

Replicas and imitations of firearms.

All firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.)

Pointed and sharp objects

Harpoons and spears

Ski/hiking poles


Any type of sharp weapon


Cigar cuer

Arrows and darts

All types of scissors

Tools: drills, drill bits, knives, all types of saws, screwdrivers, iron levers, hammers, pliers, wrenches, etc.

Sabres, swords and rapier stas

kniing needles

Hypodermic needles (unless documented proof of medical necessity)

Metal cutlery that has a edge or point

Strong Articles

Baseball and softball bats

Cricket bats

Fishing equipment (fishing ropes and hooks)

Martial arts equipment

Hockey sticks

Lacrosse sticks

Billiard cues


Gym weights

Bowling balls

Rocks (blunt)

Explosive and flammable substances

Turpentine, thinner or paint and additives


Flares of all types and other pyrotechnic materials

Cartridges or other types of aerosol containers


Flammable liquid and solid fuels: gasoline, diesel, lighter, fluid, alcohol, ethanol

Explosive detonators


Substances that can ignite or spontaneously combust

Gas and gas containers, butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen in large quantities (quantity by medical prescription with prior authorization from the airline)

Grenades of all types

Explosive materials and devices

Mines and other explosive military items


Aerosol spray paints

Replicas or imitations or explosive material or devices

All types of lighters

Chemical and toxic substances

Acids and alkalines, for example: liquid electrolyte accumulators capable of being poured.

Incapacitating aerosols, for example: irritant sprays, pepper sprays, tear gas, fire extinguishers.

Corrosives or bleaching substances, for example: mercury, chlorine

Radioactive material, for example: medicinal or commercial isotopes.

Infectious or biologically hazardous materials, for example: infected blood, bacteria and viruses.

Dangerous goods
Items that are not allowed to be checked or carried in hand luggage


Fireworks, flares, pyrotechnic articles, smoke generators, dynamite, gunpowder, plastic explosives, ammunition, detonators, detonators, fuses, mines, grenades, explosive charges for military use


Compressed gases, liquefied gases, refrigerated gases, dissolved gases, propane gas, butane gas, acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, insecticides, compressed air boles for diving, refills for lighters.

Flammable liquids

Gasoline, diesel, methanol, paints, varnishes, turpentine, solvents, adhesives, alcohol of any kind, petroleum and its derivatives.

Flammable solids

Matches, magnesium, artificial fire lighters, celluloid films, sulfur, carbon, and self-reactive substances, or spontaneous combustion such as superglue, dangerous metals when wet.

Oxidants and organic peroxides

Oxidizing substances and peroxides, bleach, body repair kits, fertilizers, chlorates, hydrogen peroxide, hair peroxides, oxygen generators.

Toxic or infectious substances

Disabling devices, rodenticides, poisons, diagnostic samples, vaccines, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, arsenic, infected blood, bacteria or viruses.

Radioactive materia

Any type of Radioactive Material, such as pharmaceutical products with radioactive isotopes.


Alkaline acids, devices with mercury, electric accumulators, car baeries, any device with spillable baeries.

Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Fuel engines, magnetized material, loose lithium or lithium metal baeries, genetically modified organisms, dry ice, electronic cigarees, ferro-magnetic material, first aid kits, electroshock weapons.

Items allowed with conditions

In addition to the above restrictions on items you can carry in checked and carry-on baggage, please note the following:

Prescription medications

Baby food

Powdered substances purchased at Duty Free stores, as long as they are sealed in a STEB bag (Secure Tamper Evident Bag)

Liquids and gels can be transported in hand luggage in individual containers whose capacity does not exceed 100 ml.

Firearms in checked baggage, see the ARPEL section for complete details

Before your trip, security sta at the airport may ask you the following questions! Be sure to review these points so you are prepared.

Did you pack your luggage yourself or did you receive help from someone?

Have you kept your luggage in sight at all times?

Do you carry any items considered sharp?

Do you have any firearms with you?

Do you carry any substances in your luggage that you consider corrosive or flammable?

Do you carry more than 100ml of liquids, creams or gels in your hand luggage?

Are there electronic devices, lithium baeries, rechargeable baeries, or spillable objects in your checked luggage?