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If you plan to travel with your bicycle, you can add the service after making your reservation, with an additional charge,, either in the My Trips section, through our Call Center or at the airport. We recommend doing it before your flight date to save more.

Requirements for bicycle acceptance

• The bicycle must be properly packed in a special case or cardboard box with the pedals removed and the handlebars must be in a fixed position and parallel to the bicycle and with the tires deflated.

• All loose parts must be packaged in a packaging material that is strong enough to protect them.

• The bicycle can measure up to 90.5 linear inches (230 linear centimeters) with a maximum weight of 55 pounds (25 kilograms).

• The cost per bicycle is USD 115.00 per piece per segment.

• Subject to availability, maximum 4 bicycles per flight.

Service available on domestic and international flights operated by TagAirlines except GUASAP- GUA. Only non-motorized, single-seat bicycles are accepted.