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About Us

Welcome to TagAirlines

We are a 100% Guatemalan company that has been operating for over 50 years with the goal of serving the air cargo needs of our valued customers. We are proud to offer both commercial and private air services, both nationally and internationally.

Our history dates back to 1961, when we were founded as a family business. Over the years, TagAirlines has grown and has become the main civil airline in Guatemala, being a reliable option for those seeking quality services in the airline industry.

A key moment in our history was in 1972, when we broke the monopoly held by the state-owned Aviateca. We added aircrafts to our fleet, marking a milestone in the diversification and modernization of our services.

In addition to being pioneers in the industry, we have also achieved significant recognition. We were the first Guatemalan company to receive certification as an air operator under the Civil Aviation Regulations. In addition, we are founders of the Airlines Association, the Chamber of Industry and the Alliance of Air Carriers, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration in the sector.

In short, at TagAirlines we are committed to providing exceptional air service, backed by decades of experience and achievements in the industry.

Welcome to our Guatemalan success story!


Looking towards 2024, our dream is to become the most connected airline in the Central American region and southern Mexico! We are excited to achieve this by standardizing our fleet with pressurized aircraft and further expanding our aviation services. Together we will reach new destinations and heights! ✈️🌟


At TagAirlines we make flying a great experience! We don't just carry passengers and cargo, we do so with total focus on your safety and comfort. We work hard to be efficient and, at the same time, contribute to the growth of commercial aviation in the Central American region. Your trust drives us to fly even higher together! 🛫🌟

Our fleet

TagAirlines currently operates more than 47 daily flights to 5 different countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and Mexico. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh operates a fleet of more than 20 aircraft. In 2017, TagAirlines added its first commercial aircraft to its ranks, the Embraer ERJ 145 registered with TG-TAJ, the only commercial aircraft registered in Guatemala.


Is the most fuel efficient regional aircraft and is suitable for all business models, all regions of the world and in any type of conditions with a capacity of 72 passengers..

Embraer Erj 145

The safest Regional Jet in the world. Provides the versatility and adequate capacity to comfortably and safely transport up to 50 passengers

Saab 340

It has a spacious cabin with capacity for 34 passengers, ample seats for the comfort of passengers, a complete bathroom and the necessary equipment for service on board.

Cessna Grand Caravan

Transport capacity of 12 passengers. It is a very stable, pleasant aircraft, easy to handle and a fuselage with a high resistance index. It is a light aircraft, often used for private transport.


IOSA Certification: In August 2022, we successfully obtained the prestigious IOSA certification, an achievement that has elevated both the operational management and the safety of our air operations. This certification not only highlights our commitment to safety, but also to the implementation of highly effective and efficient practices. By setting world-class standards supported by industry best practices, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence.

IATA: A partir de febrero de 2023, hemos sido honrados con la membresía en IATA, un hito que reconoce nuestra posición en la industria de la aviación y nuestro compromiso continuo con los más altos estándares.

IATA: As of February 2023, we have been honored with membership in IATA, a milestone that recognizes our position in the aviation industry and our continued commitment to the highest standards.

With a legacy of six decades of dedication and tireless effort, we have earned the unwavering trust of our passengers. TagAirlines has established itself as the Flag Airline of Guatemala and the Mayan World, a symbol of connectivity and excellence in the region. We are the vital link that unites Guatemala with a wide network of destinations that includes neighboring countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and Mexico. With an impressive frequency of daily flights and a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, we guarantee seamless connections and incomparable comfort.

As active members of the Latin American Air Transport Association, we have obtained international certifications that testify to our dedication to providing unparalleled quality and safety services. TagAirlines not only represents an airline, but also an ambassador of Guatemalan culture on the international stage. We are proud to represent our country and serve as a symbol of excellence globally.